Monday, April 4, 2011

Gargoyle in the Garden

We spent the weekend building a new path in our garden. Our garden gargoyle watched over the process.

The garden photos below don't show the garden gargoyle, but I took these with my lens baby lens and liked how they came out -- they look more like a bouquet than salad.



  1. Aren't gardens wonderful? I so enjoy stepping outside and picking multiple kinds of lettuce for lunch. I was late planting radishes, but they should be up soon along with the carrots. I'm looking forward to the dill I planted for the bees and the butterflies.
    Unfortunately, my garden is missing a gargoyle. I'll have to rectify that...

  2. Fran, I bet your bees would love a gargoyle :)

  3. Your garden looks so yummy, Gigi, now I'm thinking of having salad for breakfast. :)

    I need a gargoyle in my garden, too.