Monday, May 30, 2011

Delightful Doors of Paris

This month I've been posting some of my more mysterious photos from a trip I took to Paris in May of 2010, when our trip home was delayed due to an Icelandic ash cloud that is again disrupting European air travel. These are my last Parisian photos for now, moving on to something new in June.

Below are some stone, wood, and wrought iron carvings on and surrounding unique doors in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. I love the bright red front door of my house outside San Francisco, but I've gotta say it would be mighty cool to have a lion carving greet me when I walk through the door...



  1. Doors are among my favorite photo subjects. People often think I'm nuts. Nice to see I'm not alone in my madness. I love these doors. They get me imagining the lives and stories that go on behind them.

  2. I don't always seek out doors, but when they're as beautiful as the ones above, I can't resist!

  3. Now I look at my emerald green front door -- which I've always liked ever since I painted over the dull gray -- and wish, like you, that I had a critter perched above it.

    I'm fascinated by your "photo-eye." I walked through Paris for days thirty years ago and never saw (never really noticed) anything like this.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. Fran, I admit it was only one afternoon on a leisurely walk that I paused to notice all the beautiful doors around me. But I'm glad I did :)