Monday, September 5, 2011

Gargoyle Girl is Back!

I hope everyone had a great summer. Mine was pretty crazy, since it kicked off with a breast cancer diagnosis. But in the midst of everything, I also had some amazing experiences this summer, all because of the wonderful people in my life. From the doctors who caught the cancer early and saved my life physically, to the dear friends who enriched my life emotionally, this month's Gargoyle Girl photos are dedicated to those real life angels.

So today I'm posting a few of my favorite stone angel photographs. I'll continue with angels through September, before switching to some creepy gargoyles leading up to Halloween in October.

The Sculpture Garden of the Brooklyn Museum. This photo was taken before the garden was remodeled, back when many of the stone sculptures (salvaged from demolished New York buildings) rested on the ground in overgrown ivy.

Brompton Cemetery, London.

Highgate Cemetery, London.


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  1. Hey you! *Loving* these photos, as usual. Still want to have business cards made with some of them! Thanks for posting, and sooo happy you're feeling better :-)