Monday, June 18, 2012

New York City Gargoyles, Part II: The Gargoyles and Grotesques of Gramercy Park

Shortly after returning home from a trip to New York last week, I posted a few quick photos of one of my favorite New York City gargoyles, a famous gargoyle in the Gramercy Park neighborhood (shown at left).

But there's much more to the neighborhood than that famous gargoyle. Stone carvers had a lot of fun in Gramercy Park, leaving the buildings covered with gorgeous carvings. Here are a some highlights below.



  1. The gargoyle looking out through the fire escape ladder seems to be telling us just what he thinks of having metal rungs in his face!

  2. The gargoyles are magnificent. I never would have given them much thought before. Thanks for the "wake-up call."

    My ARC of ARTIFACT arrived today. Can hardly wait to start reading!

    Pat Browning
    Lover of all things Indian and Scottish

  3. Fran, I loved seeing all the faces poking out behind fire escapes, lamps, and scaffolding. Their expressions did seem to register their disdain! There will be more of them to follow this summer.

    Thanks, Pat. So glad the post office was speedy. Glad you enjoyed the gargoyles, and I hope you enjoy the ARC!