Monday, June 20, 2011

Cemeteries of London: Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery is one of the "Magnificent Seven" Cemeteries in London. It's the most central, walking distance from Earl's Court tube stop (and also the West Brompton tube stop, but I've never found myself on that line). It has a beautiful long, narrow layout with a central path lined by trees, creating the feel of a serene park. Intricately carved stone angels sit atop many of the graves.

Beatrix Potter once lived near the cemetery, and she apparently got the ideas for her character names from the gravestones at this cemetery. One of the names on an old headstone here: Peter Rabbitt.



  1. You didn't happen to take a photo of the Peter Rabbit gravestone, did you?
    I'm just curious -- how fancy (or unfancy) was it?

  2. Interestingly, that gravestone is so old that it's no longer legible, so it was only when they were researching the cemetery records that they made the connection that several of the graves had the names of Beatrix Potter characters!